Fertility Factor

Suppress™ Overview 

 Fertility Factor Products is proud to announce the national distribution of our flagship product “Suppress™.”

 0ur continuing goal is to improve the quality of life for both mares and stallions, while in training, the show ring, and also in the breeding shed. To this purpose we have formulated a safe and economical solution to “suppress” their natural libido, while keeping them viable and fertile .

 Suppress™  is available in both a feed through and a convenient single or triple dose tube for the quick results you need at or during competition.

Suppress ™ feed through comes as a palatable, oat based additive. It is effective in 4 to 7 days. Suppress, both single and multiple dose tubes, are effective within hours, perfect for shows, races and special events. Suppress™  effectively focuses your stallion’s attention while not diminishing his athletic ability or sharpness of mind and response.  The stallion can return to the breeding shed within a week of discontinuing the product. Suppress™  in no way tranquilizes or masks the stallion’s basic temperament , therefore combined with it’s all natural ingredients,  is legal and will not test for all race and show registries.

 As in all supplements, Suppress™  works with your stallion’s  individual metabolism. Dosages may vary slightly as well as timing and longevity.



Frequently Asked Questions

 1:     Is this legal for my registry?

    Suppress™ has been formulated to adhere to the regulations of National                and International associations for sport and contest.

 2:      Is this safe for my 2 year old stallion?

    Suppress™ is suggested for stallions 2 and over who have reached sexual maturity. Aged stallions with established sexual libido will also benefit from “time off” with good behavior.

 3:      What do you mean by “suppressing” their libido?

  It is the natural hormonal reaction of a sexually mature stallion to express libido. This can be observed as talking, rearing, teasing, dropping, aggressive behavior, and generally not paying attention. Suppress™ reduces this behavior by suppressing these outward signs, allowing the stallion to concentrate on his job.

 4:         Why not use Regumate™ on stallions for a similar effect?

   Regumate™, (Altrenogest) is a synthetic for the hormone progesterone developed and approved for the control of estrus in mares. In stallions it alters hormonal balance thereby modifying behavior. Suppress™ temporarily controls libido, and does not impact the endocrine system.

 5:        Is it safe to handle for women?

     Unlike Regumate™, Suppress™ is non hormonal and completely natural. It is safe to handle for both men and women of all ages.

 6:        Is Suppress™ cost effective?

      Both the feed through and the tubes are priced to be user friendly. The money saved in time and ultimate results make Suppress™ both economical and cost effective.